Pixel Vision 8: Tilemap Demo

This demo shows off how Pixel Vision 8's TilemapChip works. When importing a tilemap image, each tile references a sprite. The tilemap is stored in the TilemapChip and before it can be displayed, it must first be rendered into the Tilemap Chip’s cache.  The tilemap cache allows you to store large pixel data in memory and scroll it. This demo also shows off how to do simple tile animation via palette swapping and rendering sprites above and below the background layer.

You can find the full source included with Pixel Vision 8's Game Creator

The Game Creator is a full development environment for authoring 8-bit games and is built on top of the open source Pixel Vision SDK framework. It contains project management, asset creation, and coding/debugging tools. This all in one solution enables complete end to end development allowing anyone to create desktop games, share them and even build custom tools.

AuthorPixel Vision 8
Made withUnity


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works on mobile devices??

Hi, is there any chance it compiles to mobile devices such as Android and iOS?