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The Next Generation Fantasy Console Is Here

Out of the box, Pixel Vision 8 is ready to play games, but why stop there? PV8 can also create 8-bit games with custom resolutions, colors, sprites, tilemaps, sound, and music. There is nothing quite like PV8 because it can be anything you want. Pro members can unlock PV8's full potential.

Say Goodbye to the Command Line 

Just because you want to make games that look and feel like they were from the 80s doesn't mean you have to use tools like that. Pixel Vision 8 is the first Fantasy Console to introduce a fully modern OS written entirely from the ground up to run at 256 x 240. There is no command-line here. Enjoy having a rich user interface that merges the modern luxuries of today's computers with the nostalgia of 1985. 

Insert A Disk 

When Pixel Vision 8 boots up, it needs a disk. Just drop any PV8 disk file to load and use the keyboard or a controller to play. Games save their progress back to the disk. So not only can you share games with friends, they get your save progress too. 

Pixel Vision OS

Turn Pixel Vision 8 into a powerful 8-bit computer thanks to Pixel Vision OS. Enjoy the luxuries of a desktop, mouse, and easy to use filesystem. There are also several built-in tools like a text editor, image previewer, and settings manager. You can even build or install new tools for additional functionality.

Tools For Pixel Artists

Create your own color palettes or use Pixel Vision 8's built in one. The Sprite Editor contains everything you need to add artwork to your game including full support for palette swapping, limiting the number of colors per sprite and resizing sprites while editing.

Generate Sound Effects

Pro members get access to a powerful sound effects generator. There are templates for commonly used sound effects as well as musical instruments. Manually configure each sound effect's properties by hand then export them as WAV files when you are done.

A Powerful Tracker

The Music Tool allows you to arrange, edit, and play your song compositions. Use the built-in keys to create custom song patterns from scratch or have the world's first fantasy console 8-bit music generator to do it for you. Arrange your patterns in the song editor and export the final song as a WAV file.

Design Your Own System

With the Chip Editor, you can customize all aspects of your game's system specs. Use drag and drop to modify the cartage, graphics, and sound options from a section of classic 8-bit system. Mix and match go in and change specs by hand to create the Fantasy Console of your dreams!

Join The Club

The Fantasy Console Club focuses on making retro 8-bit games with Pixel Vision 8. The club offers access to exclusive tutorials, demos, and tools not offered on Itch.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Pixel Vision 8 Win Installer 22 MB
Pixel Vision 8 Windows 22 MB
Pixel Vision 8 Mac 28 MB
Pixel Vision 8 Linux 29 MB
PV8 User Guide.pdf 6 MB
PV8 Quick Start Guide.pdf 1 MB


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i try to open it and nothing happens

Linux download is broken as the script tries to create a symlink named 'mcs' to a file that doesn't exist in the .zip

It keeps on crashing. I have a toshiba l755 in windows 10. When i launch it, it appears to be launching in the taskbar but then it gets suspended and it crashes. Please help, i really want to try this out

How do I change the workspace directory? The only info I've found regarding this is from old outdated documentation which involved modifying bios.json, however it doesn't seem that the setting for that is there anymore.

(Specifically, I'm trying to move my workspace to my thumb drive.)

it wont launch 

What does it mean by "The value is too large or too small" everytime i try to build my gam

it wont start


why can't I launch the software..... 


where  is the disk?



the graphics look so cute!!! <3

I found some bugs in PV8 but didn't found the issue tracker to report them. Where can i report bugs or send pull requests?

nvm, found it

I'm using a laptop with a high DPI screen and the window is very small. Any way to fix this?

So I can't seem to get this working whatsoever on Linux Mint. Running normally, running with sudo, even running as root I get "./Pixel Vision 8: line 33: ./Pixel Vision 8.bin.x86_64: Permission denied", and it generates a busted "mcs" symlink. My only guess it it's attempting to use some permission that works in other distros but Mint has completely disabled for security purposes.

Have you tried changing permissions for the Pixel Vision 8 exe files in the directory? You need to give it execution permission which is not set by default.

Go figure, of course I permitted the launcher itself but I hadn't even considered doing the same to the .bin files. That did it, thanks!

I saw in the files of the chip tool that there was a game gear preset. Game gear had 4096 colors in real , so i was curious as to how you intend to implement it, due to the current 256 color limit, unless you plan to expand the color limit, which would be pretty exciting.

Also i think it would be cool if there was a game boy color and game and watch preset, and also the ability to save your own custom presets 


The Game Gear could only show 32 colors at once, picked from 4096 (12-bit RGB). I guess in PV8 you can pick from 16 million colors...


My requests:

1. The documentation needs to include detailed help on the json files for us free users, especially on what color-map does and how does music.json work. Oh, and on DrawModes.

2. I'd like some features of Chip-8, like xoring (maybe anding and oring too) sprites on top of each other and 16 key keyboard support (for future mobile builds, check out Android app ChipChip).

3. Attribute clash would also be nice. This is what any other retro game engine wouldn't want to provide.

4. I don't know if PV8 already has it, but ZX Spectrum has a good simple beeper.

5. One of the reasons why PV8 is not widesperad further is because downloading it requires registering for the Club, which might deter many people.

Nobody announces their PV8 games. It's like I'm the only one. The community is surely lacking.

Anything I'll think about later would be in a different comment.

And most of all, thank you for being so passionate about retro platforms.

Thanks for the feedback. I have been working on a really big update to PV8 for the past few months and part of it will be to include better docs. That being said I don't think I'll be able to support attribute clash, there are some limitations of old 8-bit systems that are too much work to really simulate. Also I think a big reason that more people are not releasing games with PV8 is that it's been in development this entire time and all of the tools weren't in there. This next release should fix that and I'll be promoting it a lot more since it will be in beta and a lot more stable. Finally as for signing up for the club, it's easier for me to manage downloads and communication through there so there isn't much I can do if you aren't willing to get a free account.

I already got an account (and angst because I can't afford Make), the problem is in people on forum who would be reluctant to try out my creations.

Also, we need a lot of system templates. I would be willing to work on ZX Spectrum template if it would be included among the others.

PV8 kicks the tail of many other fantasy consoles, who are mostly Pico-8 clones. (I have soft spot only for LowRes NX and Chroma-60), and it needs a lot of content to stay this way. A lot of platform templates is in my powers to make.

A few requests more:

1. Save slots (Imagine PlayStation memory cards) to make it the game engine of choice.

2. Somehow SaveDemo didn't work and always showed the same date.

3. Maybe built-in line drawing.

I have some plans on making it easier to share games once PV8 is more stable. That being said, you should join the Discord server since it's a bit easier to communicate and there is a good group of people on there helping  give feedback and sharing their work.

So there are save slots, each game has its own set of save slots. When you save a game disk it's saved to to a saves.json file. When you share a disk with someone else, they get your saved games too. I think I fixed the bug with SaveDemo and it should be working correctly in the next release. Finally, there are line drawing APIs but it's not very well documented. You can call NewCanvas(width, height) and then draw into that. It's hard to explain here but happy to help over discord and I'll be updating the docs.

Can you explain a little more about "you save a game disk"? It seems like WriteSaveData is more akin to JS cookies, that is, not terribly useful for saving multiple distinct savestates (unless you put slot number as a prefix for your keys).

Sorry, missed this. Discord is the best way to get quicker responses. In sort, WriteSaveData will add whatever you pass in to a file called saves.json in your game's folder. If you build a .pv8 disk from the workspace explorer menu, when you load that disk it will save the json file inside of that disk. When you share that disk with other people it will have the same save file in it like old game cartridges. I uses this in all the tools btw, that's how they retain state between sessions.

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Hi, I just bought Pixel Vision 8 Make v0.9.3 and I installed it on my Windows 7 desktop. When I start the program, I can see the Workspace and Trash folders, and the Options menu, but everything is greyed out except for About, Settings, and View Log.

You need to open the workspace. You can't create projects on the desktop. Hope that helps?


I'm really confused. I'm trying to follow the tutorial for "game creator pro" on the website but it looks nothing like this app. I can't find documentation for things like keyboard shortcuts and stuff either?

(1 edit)

I'm sorry. I really need to update the docs. The Game Creator stuff is really outdated. There should be a PDF for the current build but after I get the next version, v0.9.4, out I'll be doing an overhaul of all the docs. I've just been waiting to get all of the features, APIs and tools in.

You should join the Discord channel since we can help you a bit easier on there.

O.K., there is an error in you starter script on Linux.

cd ~/.config/itch/apps/make/Pixel Vision 8 Make v0.9.3 Linux

vim/nano Pixel Vision 8 Make

Near the end of this file I added some backslashes:

        if [ "$ARCH" == "x86_64" ]; then

                ./Pixel\ Vision\ 8\ Make.bin.x86_64 $@
                ./Pixel\ Vision\ 8\ Make.bin.x86 $@

Interesting, what version of Linux are you using? I'll see how I can fix this in the next release.

(1 edit)

I have a latest version of Ubuntu 19.04. I think it's a standard shell's behaviour for path containing spaces.

are you able to make money with the games you make with this console?

Yes, you are free to do what you like with any game you create with the tools.

Hi, just bought this and checking it out, couple of newbie questions:

1. How do you select text in the coding application?  The default script has a lot of tutorial text comments, and besides being too long for the text editor, it also is very tedious to remove in order to start coding our own stuff.  I also cannot find a copy-paste or way to move blocks of text around, which is pretty important for editing/sorting code.

2. I bought the special package that comes with Draw and Tune as well, thinking these were extensions for the base game maker (Make).  They all installed to different places though, and Make doesn't seem to have any new features after installing the other two.  They also all installed their unique desktop shortcuts, and won't see each other's data.  How do I hook these up so I can use all the features?  Or have I misunderstood how these tools work together?

3. Is there any syntax highlighting I can turn on for the code, so I can see clearly if commands are valid or not?  How about autocomplete?  I must confess while I love working with limitations, I can't really code from memory due to having some real life limitations that make remembering code keyword spellings/cases very hard for me.  Pico8 for example turns keywords pink, which helps tremendously when I can't remember if a lua/engine command is "draw", "Draw", or "drw", for a quick example.

Ideally I would be able to read a list of commands while I had the coding tool open.  But I know most normal people seem to be able to remember this stuff, so I can accept that I need to alt-tab to a manual like I do with Pico8.

4. Speaking of which, is there a manual for the code and engine commands, plus some basic "how to use this in lua"?  I know of the tutorials, but I would rather have a quicker reference while exploring the engine/tools myself.

5. The current version also seems to have some text overlapping the controls in the code IDE.  You can see this by simply trying to edit the tutorial/default file.  The vertical scrolling tool will end up with text from older lines overlapping it.

I know these are the sorts of questions a discord would be for, but the invite link above seems to have expired.  (Or possibly I don't have permission, it's just the default error from discord about being unable to join.)  So I hope you will forgive me for posting here.

Oh, one last quick note here, the applications do not appear to actually quit properly.  For the windowed mode this is inconvenient but acceptable(if a bit odd).  But I had the editor set to full screen at the time, and got stuck.  If a user doesn't know the ALT-F4 trick for murdering the current application, they could get stuck forever after selecting to exit the program.

As for quitting on Windows in fullscreen, I'm not aware of any other but to use ALT F4? On the Mac you can use Command Q to quit. Are you looking for it to auto quit after you shutdown?

Yes, I at first was thinking it would auto quit itself after a while of "preparing to shut down", and was worried it might have gotten "stuck" the first time I saw that. 

I know it's safe to close it with alt F4.  But if there isn't any pressing developer reason to keep it running after selecting to shutdown the OS/System, it would be more user friendly to close the application automatically.  Similar to typing "SHUTDOWN" in some other virtual consoles.

Hi, I just checked the discord link and it appears to work. Do you have an account? That being said I still need to get around to cleaning up the text editor. It's very basic right now and the best solution is to use Atom or another external editor. In the manual it shows how to configure the Atom plugin so you can get code hinting. A full code editor for PV8 will be in later this year.

As for Make, Draw and Tune I hope to correct that in the next release. It was a bit confusing and I am going to make these actual software packages you install into PV8 so you can configure it how you want. That means there will just be a single version of PV8 to simplify the confusion around each of the different builds right now.

Finally, I'm working on more documentation and tutorials. Hope to keep rolling them out each month with new releases but I've been doing a lot of work on cleaning up the new runner and make the OS easier to install so you'll have to hang on a little longer while I work through all of these changes.

Ok, I will look into setting up Atom then!  Thanks for that suggestion!

I also tried the discord link again and it worked!  This time I used it while the discord application was running.  So it appears the link just requires someone to have already logged into discord elsewhere instead of asking them to log in/create one.  I'll just leave this info here, in case someone else runs into that error with the link, as the discord error itself is not that informative.

Thanks for clarifying about the different versions/installs.  I look forward to that next version then!  Sounds great, keep on going!

do you have basic tutorials for the suite of tools, make, tune, draw.

i bought this about 2 years ago, but have been busy & now there are all these new updates & tools. when i start it up it does not have any proper start up for loading projects or anything. plus the info is not clear in how to get projects started


If you sign up for a free membership to the Fantasy Console Club you can gain access to the PV8 tutorials - https://www.pixelvision8.com/free-tutorials. I'm in the process of updating them with each release and I'll be including some more documentation with the PV8 downloads here on itch.

question. how do you program the games in lua, and is there a specific reason why lua was chosen?

You can also make PV8 games with C# but you'll need to compile it from the source code on Github. That being said Lua is a relatively easy language to pick up and is common in Fantasy Consoles as well as games that let users script. There are lots of tutorials online for it but when I have some more time I'll do an intro do Lua to help new developers using PV8.

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Can i create an executable?

It's disabled in the current build but will be added back in to a future release.

Can I somehow change the keyboard layout for the code editor manually? I have an english keyboard  layout on a qwertz-keyboard, it's way hindering and imo it worked correctly 2 versions ago.  Kind regards

Sorry, I'm not following what the issue is. I changed from Unity to MonoGame so maybe something happened with the keyboard input. Can you file a bug here.

Okay, done.

is the OS an actual operating system or just an .exe file that simulates a desktop enviroment

I haven't got it but it's most likely a simulated desktop environment.


It's "simulated". It's technically a collection of games that are linked together through a GUI. Technically anyone can make an "OS" for PV8 by doing the same.


Agreed. Anyone can make an OS-like experience, but it just won't be built off the Linux Kernel.


I teach a Video Game class at a public high school in NYC and would love to use PV8. Is there possibility for a ChromeOS build? since unfortunately all the best computers we have are Chromebooks.

Thanks! This rules!


It would be worth testing ahead of time, but the Linux build might work since ChromeOS has some support for Linux applications now.


I don't have plans for a ChromeOS build but can add it to my list of target platforms.

What are the export options at the moment, is it possible to export to Android or desktop with the current build ? Thanks

I'll assume not then given the lack of responses here. Shame really, looked promising.


Sorry, I've been rather busy getting the new build ready. That being said the current version doesn't have export options right now. I had to remove them so I can clean up the way they work. Next month I plan on adding that back in and have some future plans to let people upload and download games online through Pixel Vision 8: Make itself. But that will probably be live later this year.

Hi, how can pro paid users can download PV8 updates?


You should have access to this on your itch account. If you use their desktop app, it will automatically alert you to new updates.


Hey, the "Free Game Creator" link leads to a 404 webpage.


Sorry about that, I thought I fixed it. You can sign up for a free license at http://pixelvision8.com

Thanks for the response, I'll be sure to take a look at it.

I'm wondering whatever game I create here, they can be distributed, right?

Yes, you can create a .pv8 file for you game that others can play in the Game Creator and there are some experimental export options such as HTML5 and Desktop. I'll be revamping this system in the future but all PV8 games are just zips so you can easily peak inside and see how they work too.


What are the options for Android/iOS export?

Definitely my favorite game creation tool. I'm still pretty new to game development, but I've played around with a lot of different tools, and this has quickly become my favorite. The easy to follow gui design makes it a lot of fun just to play with the tool itself. 

I'm currently going through the tutorials and loving every second of it!

This looks like a great old school game development engine / tool.  I look forward to working the tutorials.

Awesome little dev tool, especially for jams that theme themselves around classic or fantasy consoles.  This is the most flexible and dynamic 8bit console simulator that I've ever had the joy of messing with.

You don't say. The author really tries to have authentic experience, and not some cheap "outrun-aesthetic" fakes.


pixel vision 8 is a great tools what you need when you want make a game, prototyping and sharing. Even it's still on development process but you can used early access, also help the developer to continue this project. Anyway the best thing and make this tools different from the other is music editors, you will falling in love with random music creator