A downloadable Fantasy Game Console for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Pick a system, code in Lua and use built-in tools to make your own games!

Pixel Vision 8's core philosophy is to teach retro game development with streamlined workflows. It enables designing games around limited resolutions, colors, sprites, sound and memory. It is ideal for game jams, prototyping ideas or having fun.

The Game Creator is a full development environment for authoring 8-bit games and is built on top of the open source Pixel Vision SDK framework. It contains project management, asset creation, and coding/debugging tools. This all in one solution enables complete end to end development allowing anyone to create desktop games, share them and even build custom tools.

Pro Features (Paid Beta Access)

To fully unlock the Game Creator's potential, you can purchase the pro bundle. Here's what you receive: 

  • Supports loading, playing and editing of .pv8 (Games), .pvs (System Templates) and .pvt (Tools) files.
  • Create games in Lua with an easy to learn API optimized for tile based games.
  • Open workflow, allowing you to edit game code (Lua), art (png) or system limits (JSON) with any external editor.
  • Build tools for PV8 to fit your workflow and needs.
  • Easily share games with others as .pv8 (.zip) files.
  • Fully featured color editor. Preview your project's colors, modify them and save them to an external png.
  • Sprite preview and edit tool allow you to see the sprites stored in memory and modify them. You can also compress existing sprites into an external .png.
  • SFX generator for making your own sound effects in game projects. You'll have access to templates for different sound effects with manual SFX property customization coming soon.
  • More tools on the way! Be the first to use the new tile map editor and music generator.

Pixel Vision 8 Pro is currently still in development and offered as part of a paid early access program. If you want access to the early alpha builds, simply pay for the pro features.  If you buy the pro tools and early access now, you will still to get updates and new, pro, only features after the free version is released.

Pixel Vision 8 Pro is currently still in active development. Here are some of the recent changes that were made to it:

V0.8.1 Beta

This is a stable build of the Game Creator marking the first beta release of Pixel Vision 8. Make sure to backup your workspace before using. For this update, you should create an entirely new Workspace folder. Find the default location and remove the old bios and core workspace, then start up v0.8.0 to let it recreate the workspace from scratch.

  • Added new options for controlling the way files are imported in the Chip Editor.
  • Optimized tilemap renderer.
  • Rebuilt tilemap flag parser and added support for custom flag colors.
  • Added color offsets to the Tilemap Editor.
  • Can now export a compressed .pv8 file without any of the extra files in the Sandbox folder.
  • Optimized .pv8 file compression for archives and exported game files.
  • Fixed bug when pasting workspace path to only save when the user presses the save button.
  • Fixed bug where files in the Workspace/Libs directory were not correctly loaded.
  • When exporting a game, all files found in the System, Workspace and Sandbox Lib directory are included allowing games to now use the UI framework when exported.
  • Fixed issue with compressed sprites not using the correct mask color.
  • Fixed bug where tilemap didn't parse correctly if the background wasn't set to the mask color.
  • Fixed bug where Tilemap flag values shifted on save.
  • Fixed bug in the Music Editor where you couldn't save after configuring the music generator and returning to the main screen.
  • There were over 37 issues resolved in this build. You can track all of the open issues on the Github issue page and file any bugs you see there as well.

Known Issues:

  • Trying to open the Sandbox directory in the File Picker when a new game hasn't be created will throw an error.
  • No Unity Assets for v0.8.1b. A new set of packages will be generated for the next release.
  • Restoring files from the trash has been disabled.
  • You can now keep folders in your workspace instead of .pv8 zip files. This features is experimental and may not work as expected.


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this Fantasy Game Console you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Game Creator Pro v0.8.1b - Win 19 MB
Game Creator Pro v0.8.1b - Mac 26 MB
Game Creator Pro v0.8.1b - Linux 41 MB
Game Creator Pro v0.8.0b - Runners 61 MB
Pixel Vision 8 v0.8.0b - Unity Packages 1 MB


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I teach a Video Game class at a public high school in NYC and would love to use PV8. Is there possibility for a ChromeOS build? since unfortunately all the best computers we have are Chromebooks.

Thanks! This rules!

It would be worth testing ahead of time, but the Linux build might work since ChromeOS has some support for Linux applications now.

What are the export options at the moment, is it possible to export to Android or desktop with the current build ? Thanks

Hi, how can pro paid users can download PV8 updates?

Hey, the "Free Game Creator" link leads to a 404 webpage.

Sorry about that, I thought I fixed it. You can sign up for a free license at http://pixelvision8.com

Thanks for the response, I'll be sure to take a look at it.

I'm wondering whatever game I create here, they can be distributed, right?

Yes, you can create a .pv8 file for you game that others can play in the Game Creator and there are some experimental export options such as HTML5 and Desktop. I'll be revamping this system in the future but all PV8 games are just zips so you can easily peak inside and see how they work too.


What are the options for Android/iOS export?

Definitely my favorite game creation tool. I'm still pretty new to game development, but I've played around with a lot of different tools, and this has quickly become my favorite. The easy to follow gui design makes it a lot of fun just to play with the tool itself. 

I'm currently going through the tutorials and loving every second of it!

This looks like a great old school game development engine / tool.  I look forward to working the tutorials.

Awesome little dev tool, especially for jams that theme themselves around classic or fantasy consoles.  This is the most flexible and dynamic 8bit console simulator that I've ever had the joy of messing with.


pixel vision 8 is a great tools what you need when you want make a game, prototyping and sharing. Even it's still on development process but you can used early access, also help the developer to continue this project. Anyway the best thing and make this tools different from the other is music editors, you will falling in love with random music creator